Most people tend to believe that each sense operates on its own. But by now I hope you’re coming around to the fact that every experience, every sensation is multi-sensory; a combination of all our senses working together. Touch is no different.

The parchment Skin Illusion is a famous study that shows how even the feel of our own skin can be completely swayed by something other than touch - in this case, sound.

Participants in the study were asked to rub their hands in-front of a microphone, with the sound being fed back to them through headphones. By changing the frequencies in the sound they were hearing, the experimenters discovered they could make people’s hands feel soft and supple, or dry and coarse.

The study shows that what you feel - like the texture of a material or even your skin - isn’t just about touch. The sound it makes when you touch it greatly effects how you will perceive the sensation.